Lake Valley Camp Presentation..it's for the Teens YO!

A couple weeks ago my friend Jamie asked me to be part of a panel discussion on careers for their teens for Lake Valley Camp. (Which is a super cool organization by the way so check out the link.) So I whipped together this digital portfolio of my "regular" full time work, my freelance card design for RuvaCards, and my rubbishREMADE art/craft.

The other panelists came from totally different walks of life and everyone had a different story to tell. The teens were really nice, but pretty quiet overall. I imagine it's pretty overwhelming to hear all the information that was presented. It made me think back to the time I was that age and how much I really didn't know about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, about going on to college and general adult stuff that wasn't really on my mind yet!

It turned out to be really fun experience and less nerve racking then I expected it to be. I've always been a bit shy of public speaking, but as I grow older and more knowledgeable and confident in my skills and abilities talking about stuff I actually do is really not all that bad at all. I'm out for now, but hope to be back sooner than a month!

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