Ideal Home Show - London

Well hello blog! It's been far to long. But I'm back now! I had an exciting opportunity to have my work used as an "accessory" in the Open Plan Living House for the Ideal Home Show @ Kings Court in London this March. I was contacted on February 12th and needed to get them a bowl by March 5th. So I made the bowl in the slideshow below. They were nice enough to send pictures of it in action in the kitchen of the show home. I cropped the photos they sent to focus on where the bowl was located, it's kind of in the background. But still pretty exciting! The woman I worked with was really excited and said they all loved the bowl. So YAY for rubbish! Other than this March has been kind of a bust for extra curricular creative activity. I hope to get a fresh start in April and to be a little more prolific with the blog posts. Thanks to those who occasionally check in on my less than fruitful blog. :D


  1. Thanks! I was pretty excited about it. So well see if I get any orders from the UK :).