Long Time!

Every few months I try to come back to this thing. I really need to post more and I do apologize to the few of you that have been paying attention. My blog is totally weak sauce and I can't believe I've barely made any posts for all of 2009. Weak sauce to the max my friends. I guess I'm making my new years resolution early: Post weekly on the blog.

Maybe I had way to high
of hopes from the beginning, I tend to overextend myself. So here goes....again. My post today is a little typography exercise. I recall when I was in grade school around Thanksgiving time there was usually some assignment about writing or expressing what your thankful for. This is my adult take on that notion. I'm a bit early for the holiday but it is only a week away! In addition I'm really enjoying the fact that the "thanks" kind of reminds me of that awesome 7 layer jello people make for the holidays...YUM.

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