Ohh boy so a big epic fail on my part. I was totally into the whole blog thing for like a week and then I apparently got busy and stopped trying to output creative ideas on a consistent basis.

ANYwho... I've been busy with creative crafty things, just not design. I like to make things, I especially like to make things out of materials that might be considered garbage or something to throw away. Recycling/Upcycling whatever you want to call it - I'm all about it. It's become somewhat of an obsession of mine in the past year. I've come to the conclusion that I like handmade, usable art objects, and I like them to utilize materials that you have on hand.

So here are two examples of fun little holiday projects for friends. My beer cap ornaments and paper beads, made into bracelets. The beer cap ornaments were something I came up with last year. My sister recieved two of them for Christmas. A New Glarus, and a Leine's Red ornament I believe. I liked them so much I decided other people should get them this year as well, and I would like to have a few to adorn my tree as well.

The paper beads are not an original idea - I think I first heard about the idea on instructables.com from a threadbanger how to. Then I did more searching on the web and found a few different resources and saw some really neat stuff. Paper beads rock. I've coated mine with a clear acrylic so they should be somewhat impervious to water. I wouldn't submerge them or anything but if they get "splashed" on I think they'll hold up fairly well.

One last note: I'm totally against Christmas being out before Thanksgiving, or Halloween for that matter, especially in stores and on the radio - but when you handmake most of your presents you kind of need to plan ahead. I will probably be posting more artsy craftsy stuff for a bit here. I have plans for other handmade things so that, instead of sketching will be filling my time.


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