Oh Dear

Well it's happened again. Too much going on in life and total lack of posting. My quick and dirty "creative" activity as of late is snapping instagram photos with my newly acquired android phone, welcome to 2012! (And a big thank you TING for offering data plans that don't break the freakin'  bank! As much as I would love an iPhone, Ting doesn't offer them...only amazing pricing that's to hard for this cheap-o to pass by)

Instagram is a simple quick and fun activity to artistically document day to day life. Lots of train related photos either on the train or at the stations and featuring of course my favorite fuzzy children, Lanie and Morgan. So for some visual fun here are the last three I've snapped.

I plan on posting more soon, because I've been rocking out some cool stuff for ruvacards.com and we are getting a new holiday site up soon. So exciting, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the site design gets impletment soon and looks good (cause I did it!)

On a more personal note it's been an interesting 2012, I hurt my back in February and it's been life lesson after life lesson since. I'm on the road to getting better and feeling  better. Someday I'll figure out this whole life work balance thing and actually get things posted on this barren excuse of a blog. LOL!

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