Fresh Start

I can't begin to express the absolute serenity I've been feeling since the weekend. I took about a week and a half off for Christmas and New Years and I feel so much more centered and focused than I have in a long time. Jon and I were able to spend time with family and friends over the holidays and it was fantastic. The peace in my heart in my mind because of this is astounding. It's been a wonderful year and I hope to make this new one even better.

I hope to make this a year of serenity. To keep an attitude of thankfulness and heightened awareness of all that is awesome in life. To savor my life, because to be honest it's a beautiful one. I married the man I'm crazy about and he's crazy about me, our beautiful amazing and loving families, and the friendships that have only gotten stronger with time. I am truly blessed and I need to acknowledge this on a daily basis to keep the little things in perspective, to not get to wrapped up in the daily grind. I hope to be a little more Zen than I have in the past.

So with that best wishes for a beautiful beginning of the year! Sorry to those of you who did not our card - we ran out of them - next year I will be getting more printed up!

To those Family and Friends we did not see over the holiday we hope to see you sooner than later - PEACE!

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  1. I love the last name combo... when Steve and I got married I told him I wasn't gonna take his name but instead he should take my name... he didn't care for that so much and he came up with Fliessnmyers. It never took and I ended up taking his name but we still joke about it and talk baout naming a business Fliessnmyers! :-) Blessings for your New Year!!