New Look!

As you can see things have changed a bit around here. I'm attempting to gather all of my "stuff" to one central area online. This blog is a transformation of that. What started as a place to post random design projects, ideas, sketches and generally keep myself creative has become my catchall for everything Jess Poisl related.

I will be updating the new Design Portfolio as quickly as possible, as of right now Logo Design is the only active part of my portfolio. This has been a long time coming. I've been talking about an online portfolio for ages. It's time.

You can also view my rubbishREMADE Etsy Shop here as well. Please join us on facebook for updates on products and general rubbish fun. This is another place I hope to be adding more new product to. Stay tuned for updates. New items in the shop will be posted on this blog and on the fb fan page as well.

And the Resume & Contact section is fairly self explanatory. This won't really change much - more informational than anything. So if you or anyone you know needs some design work, please email me!

And for a little eye candy here is a shot from our Happy Halloweenie Party. I was really excited about the centerpiece I threw together especially because it was made of rubbish! Thanks to mom and dad for the little pumpkins from their garden and to my friend Jamie for the inspiration to use old beer bottles as candle holders. Brilliant!